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In the name of love

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   In the eyes of the mother, taking care of the children is the rightthing, but for the children, it is constantly disturbed andviolated. Especially for older children, mother came into the roomto the East over the West turned, for his privacy violations,although not completely agree with children think of their parents,but they can understand their feelings.

"I haven't been studying my learning methods for a day. I havecheated myself or cheated teachers' learning methods, such ascopying homework, catching up homework, copying texts, andendorsing loudly." as long as I realized that I was inefficient, Iwould never do it. "Jiang Fangzhou said.

4Parents always think that they lovechildren, all things are for the children good, but I do not know,some love will make the child suffocate. The following are threetypical children's suffocating love.

The child was reading in front of the desk, mother rubbed theground on the ground, pounded his waist and sighed for a moment.The child asked the mother to rest and stop rubbing the ground. Momsaid: "all right, as long as you have a good study, mother do nottired!" can you imagine how much pressure this child? His mothercould not bear to eat, want to wear all day long, bitter, mouth hasbeen talking about the future promising, as long as the child shewas satisfied. Do you say, can a child be able to breathe?

In the name of love, the truth of hegemony


"My middle school life verymiserable." said Jiang Fangzhou. "Gifted children", "beautiful girlwriter", these posts in Jiang Fangzhou before the name of thelabel, let her identity. Jiang Fangzhou from the age of 7, hasopened a column in the more than 20 newspapers, junior high school,she has published 7 books in high school, and has published twobooks.

"If Lu Xun dofoes not pass the college entrance examination," JiangFangzhou disagrees, she says, "the smart man will never be fooledby the exam."

In fact, from the middle school, she is wearing a headset, silentlyshuttle ordinary students in the dining room and classrooms; thenight for the test study of fighting, ordinary students eat 3 yuanmeal in the cafeteria during the day. The only difference isprobably a junior high school, for a while, Jiang Fangzhou amnesty-- no homework.

Jiang Fangzhou said: "the Chinese test is very simple, you mustunderstand the questions people think what." sometimes the exams,and students together to discuss, "she scolded questions": "thistopic inference side, at least 50 years othef age or older, who loveto see the cultural revolution," the reader. "The topic of thisperson is a woman, petty bourgeoisie." "the topic of the people, Iam afraid to see Yu Qiuyu"

In contrast to the high-profile "attention", Jiang Fangzhou isholding the book in the second row of相比看汽车结构基本知识 the countdown of theclassroom. The teacher is explaining her past article as anexample, and she stands up as a student to answer questions.

"I think you will like Han Han, quit writing, I did not expect wasadmitted to Tsinghua." an editorial said to Jiang Fangzhou at theevent. In fact, Jiang Fangzhou in the junior high school, reallyout of the idea of dropping out of school. The school was too muchhomework, Jiang Fangzhou and writing, a lack of energy. Her mothercommunicate with the teacher drop out of ideas, the teacher feelsvery wrong, said: "she can temporarily do Chinese and Englishhomework. But to ensure the efficiency of classroom lectures"

To sprint three

She listened to the "top class" lectures, learning experience andexperience at the top. She said: "no matter what I want to know theareas of concern, the best way is what, who is the best, they didit." the teacher in "top class" seminar, said: "according to the Iobserved that the champion has two characteristics: one is the examare out of contact with anyone, two champion undemonstrativeness."this became her "youth eccentric" enlightenment. The campus, canoften see her wearing a headset out of contact with anyone, inorder to speed the dinner. And she was in a dorm room people livefor 3 years.

Mathematics refers to 143 points from more than 50 points.

I haven't been studying the way of learning for a day.

QQ汽车基础知识 入门必修汽车电子技术应用培养从事汽车等各类机动车的电器与电路的运行、调试、维修与技术管理等工作的高级技术应用性专门人才。主干课程机械设计基础、发动机原理与汽车理论、电工技术、电子技术、汽车电子控制技术、汽车性能与实验、汽车运用与维修、机械设计基础课程设计、汽车拆装、汽车修理、汽车性能实验、汽车电子控制部件检测与调试、生产实习、毕业实习与毕业设计等,

In September thre你知道thee classes, each class are hanging in the entrancecountdown, some classes and even exaggeration to hang up "only 1days away from the entrance." every day feeling always love theirown battle atmosphere, to control the time of Jiang Fangzhou wasvery ill. Eleven holidays, she gave himself more than half amonth's holiday home adjusted. After that, she stopped writingnovels, in the final sprint.

Every month she went to the bookstore to buy books, even the bookwill be read. She understands dozens of books on the market themost common writing characteristics and advantages anddisadvantages, and arrange 看看汽车保养项目有哪些是必须的their own to learn what stage do whatset of books. Some books out of stock market, she will buyonline.

"My mom 相比看Inwon't let you go, all is for you!" "mom let you eat this,all is for the sake of your health!" "mom let you do this, isbecause I love you!" what time the mother can not say "it is foryou!" and said: "so, what do you love?"

After graduating from the First Affiliated Middle School ofHuazhong Normal University in Hubei Province, Jiang Fang stepped onthe college entrance examination scoloveres and self enrollment points,and came to Tsinghua University School of Journalism andcommunication.

The reality of possession in the name of love

In the name of love, the reality of carrying it up

The placement time, Jiang Fangzhou very worried, afraid not topanic. She refused to teacher, she thought of Wang Yifang teacher.Just when I was in high school, in the face of numerous tenniselective course, model, programming, IELTS, film. Jiang Fangzhoudidn't know what to choose, is Wang Yifang teacher to inform JiangFangzhou, let her go listen to their literary 普通汽车改装图片appreciationlectures, and at that time, she did not see Mr Wang thought thatWang Yifang was a female teacher. To found the legendary wangteacher is a man. Jiang Fangzhou knew, the elective teacher lessonso well, just like Lecture Room placement of the CCTV. When JiangFangzhou in the class teacher Wang door waiting for a long time,until the teacher Wang went out, she said: "I am Jiang Fangzhou, Ithink of your class. I except math is not good, the otherdepart对于汽车常规保养多少钱ment can also check the teacher Wang." her performance,indeed Not very well, but she took her in a big way and let JiangFangzhou be the monitor.

Jiang Fangzhou usually do history, is always very slow. Doexercises, in addition to her out of the four options right, willlook at the other three wrong. "Because the wrong optio事实上汽车知识大全 图解软件n, it isimportant knowledge, but deliberately put in the wrong name ah. Ahdo one, equal to do four questions answer questions. After that,she would write some words in the side, used to analyze the title'sintention.

Because of the teacher's words "love is not love learning, love cando", Jiang Fangzhou never to do the math by "mad" math. FormathInematics, Jiang Fangzhou does not believe that in addition to dooutside there is a better way. She said: "I learn math, isfoolhardy"

Jiang Fangzhou said, the college entrance examination is a kind ofcompetitive sports, only recognized achievements, are involved inthe competition, have recognized it rules. "Iname am special students,give yourself a lot of time to do the things you love, but I alwayskeep awake, neither fast nor slow in schoolwork speed, not for thebest, as long as there is still in the first echelon, sprint'schances of success." Jiang Fangzhou said: "the high school, Ithink, I'm not wasting my time and intelligence"

Every night, Jiang Fangzhou began to question from 6事实上2018年新增的汽车知识 points, aftergoing to night classes. Then the dorm regulations 11 lights, JiangFangzhou then took "the night", every basic didn't go to bed untiltwo or three in the morning.

Even if the reference book is filled with a superb collection ofbeautiful things of after-school exercise "standard" the answer,the teacher will explain their own understanding of the text, butJiang Fangzhou is very conscious of their appreciation andjudgment, not by the so-called "standard" restrictions. If a writerhas value, even if the textbooks simply quoted, Jiang Fangzhou willfor other works of the writer's reading. By reading a lot of books,unique appreciation ability and fully comprehend the inspiration inknowledge contest Chinese middle school students in Wuhan city(excluding the composition), she also won the first prize.

Jiang Fangzhou in the high school, the teacher is to developstudents self-learning ability, students do their own homework, theteacher arranged more than Jiang Fangzhou. In the beginning, afterfinishing the exercises after the answer to love books, later foundthat the efficiency is very low, they restrain. She said: "I do notbelieve that talk to people to come to discuss a problem. Whatlearning is essentially self-taught"

After placement of Arts, mathematics difficulty is reduced, JiangFangzhou finally in the second half of this year, the mathematicsfrom more than 50 points to 143. The total score from the school in1000, increased to eighth. When the college entrance examination,her math exam 131 points.


I read the Chinese text in the morning that never occurred in JiangFangzhou's life. Each semester textbooks just sent down, JiangFangzhou will beat the teacher before, spend one or two days toread all the text. After reading it, she also looking for people todiscuss: what writer is very good, which the writer is veryrotten.

Make clear what the author is thinking

We do not have toname completely let the child decide, in fact we cannot completely let the child make a decision, but we can not buckleagain on love hat, as long as we bent over, before making adecision to sp相比看汽车改装前脸要申请吗end a little time, a little bit of patience, a littlerespect, listen to the voice of the child. Such love is enough toaccompany the child through the wind and rain, and will not pushhim out of the door.

The child is reading in the room, mother comes in every 15 minutes:a moment to get him a quilt, a moment to hot water, and then put ona coat.

Jiang Fangzhou said, because the math homework most, most time, ifyou do math homework, the teacher to "get" the time is equal to no,so junior high school she insisted not to do the math homework.Result, junior high school, mathematics became her absoluteweakness. High in the arts and Sciences Jiang Fangzhou, the onlymath exam more than 50 points, she was only hope that you can go学会name tograde 1000 or less.

Figured out the title people's intention, is a big secret of JiangFangzhou with their examinations. The application andinterpretation of Japanese drama dragon zakura campus < > inthe line - "exam is dialogue", she said: "it should be three par其实lovetydialogue with the topic, talk to the person who wrote the text,dialogue with the people to change the volume"